Fostering Systems Research with Managed Runtimes
Nicolas Geoffray


Many systems research projects now target managed runtime environments (MRE) because they provide better productivity and safety compared to native environments. Still, developing and optimizing an MRE is a tedious task that requires many years of development. Although MREs share some common functionalities, such as a Just In Time Compiler or a Garbage Collector, this opportunity for sharing has not been yet exploited in implementing MREs. This thesis describes and evaluates VMKit, a first attempt to build a common substrate that eases the development and experimentation of high-level MREs and systems mechanisms. VMKit has been successfully used to build two MREs, a Java Virtual Machine and a Common Language Runtime, as well as a a new system mechanism that provides better security in the context of service-oriented architectures. We describe the lessons learnt in implementing such a common infrastructure from a performance and an ease of development standpoint. The performance of VMKit are reasonable compared to industrial MREs, and the high-level MREs are only 20,000 lines of code. Our new system mechanism only requires the addition of 600 lines of code in VMKit, and is a significant step towards better dependable systems.


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